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4 Bad Home Improvement Habits

May 05, 2016 - 10:49


Often times as a homeowner you will want a new look or feel to your home. This will cause you to make a few cosmetic changes to your home, but be careful, if they are done wrong you might just be harming the homes aesthetic look and even its value. Here is a list of a few things to look out for before trying to make changes.


1. Planting Trees

Be careful with planting trees near your home. Although a set of fresh new trees might add a good appeal to your home, but once they start to grow it can be harmful to a few parts of the home. The roots of the trees might start to dig into the slab causing damage to your foundation or they might push up on the walkways, which will then cause it to crack. Also, if it is near a driveway, once the tree is fully grown it will start to drop its limbs and possibly drop them on your cars. It is recommended to plant trees 15 feet from your home and paved areas that will grow no bigger than 20 feet.

2. Light bulbs

We always want a well-lit room, but always be careful with the amount of wattage a lamp or light fixture can take. Always check the fixture labels to make sure you use the correct wattage, if you use a bulb with too-high wattage it will cause damage. The fixture and its wiring will over heat which then will erode the insulations on the walls. These will then have to be replaced by new ones because if it does not get replace, the burned out wiring can lead to a house fire. At the same time, make sure you do not over do it with can lights,

3. Painting

Have you ever seen cracked paint on a wall, and you were even able to see the previous colored layers behind the original paint? Don’t over paint; adding layers on top of layers of paint will cause it to become brittle with age. To be able to avoid cracked and peeling paint, make sure to power wash the prior painting off and sand down the areas that are needed. Using 100 percent acrylic-resin exterior paint will help. Make sure to double coat your walls, especially if you are using a light colored paint.

4. Roof Shingles

Don’t ever put new roof shingles on top of your old ones. Yes, it is much more faster and cheaper to double up on your shingles because you don’t have to pay to remove the old ones but you will end up paying in the long run. Also, you might think that it will add more protection and insulation to your roof, but it doesn’t. Double layers trap much more heat and prevent inspection for leaks or insufficient flashing in the original shingles. Also, the weight that the shingles cause on the roof is a ton, doubling the layers will double the weight causing the roof to live a much shorter lifespan. Once it has to be replaced, you will have to spend much more on repairing the roof, causing a bigger hole in your pocket.