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5 Ways To Turn-off Potential Buyers

June 05, 2016 - 02:57


With the ease of access to the Internet, potential buyers look at a home online first before they set foot into a home.  Buyers make judgments of homes immediately and if your images are not so great, it can slim down your chances of selling. If you are planning to put your home on the market, here are a few recommendations before you take pictures and open your doors to buyers.


Carpet over Hardwood

If you have hardwood floors, that can be a plus to buyers. They look cleaner, add a touch of design and don’t get so dirty. So a good tip is to show off your hardwood floors and don’t cover them up with a big lay-over carpet, especially if your carpet is old. It will show the potential of the flooring and give the buyer more options as to what they can do to the floor. It’s hard to see that with an old carpet on top of the floor.


Over-the-top light fixtures

For your personal enjoyment you might have wanted big and bright chandeliers for the dining room but not all might enjoy it. An excess amount of lights can be a turn-off for buyers that prefer simple and less ornate fixtures. Remember that you want to appeal to the masses of buyers and stand out in a good way. So if you decide to sell, take a look at your light fixtures and change a few if needed.


Above Ground Pool

If it gets hot in the summer you probably have been tempted to get a backyard pool. But the real pools cost thousands of dollars and they take time to make. So an easier option is an above ground pool that you can easily set up. But be careful when you list your home, this might look unattractive for potential buyers especially because these pools leave a big dead spot of grass in your backyard. So if you have decided to sell, it would be good to have it dismantled while it is listed so it wouldn’t be such a distraction.


Dirty Dishes

A kitchen full of dirty dishes is an unattractive sight but buyers will mainly think that you do not care about your home. If you will be listing your home, buyers will be coming through and you will want to impress them not just by keeping your kitchen clean but also by keeping your whole house clean. Put up the time it takes to have your home clean and it will improve your listing.


Wall marks

Children have a bad habit of writing on the walls with crayons, markers or pencils. And if you are going to list your home, this will look like extra work and money for the buyer. So as a recommendation, take the time to wash off any marks on the walls but if they are permanent marks you will have to re-paint that area. Either way, having nice clean walls will look good to buyers.