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Are You Ready To Sell Your Home?

May 05, 2016 - 05:15


Selling a home isn’t like selling your car; there are major emotional considerations that are always going to be involved. Many times sellers think that they are ready to sell their home, but once they are in the middle of it you might find them backing out because of fear or under pressure. If they do, the agreements and communication with the seller will slow down, causing the house to sit on the market longer and leave buyers wondering what is wrong with the house. Here are a few comments to help you know if you are 100% committed to selling your home.

  1. Home is a place where memories are created, and if you have lived in the home for at least the past 10 years then you will understand. Having to face the fact that you will leave your memorable home might scare you, especially if you think about the new owners that might change the look of your home. You will always want to make sure you are emotionally ready to part ways with your home, take the last few months enjoying your home before you make the big decision to sell it. You would not want to find yourself backing out at the last minute, causing yourself and the people involved in the transaction to waste their time.
  2. After you have done your research and looked at comparable homes through out your neighborhood, now you are ready to sell. You are ready to sell your home for $300,000, because that is what the comps showed your home should be worth. After going through a handful of realtors, they estimate that the home will sell for $250,000-$270,000 on the current market, so a decision has to be made. The real estate buying market might be at a low point at times, so as a suggestion, don’t sell your home when it is being estimated at more than 10-15% of what you want for it (its true value). It is better to wait once the market is back up because if you were to try to sell the home at its highest retail price when the market is low, it will take 6 months or even more time to sell.
  3. Before listing your home for sale, having a plan of action will go a long way to sell your home for the most. Know where you will be relocating to while your home is being listed or even after your home sells. Will you be renting or buying, moving in to a home or apartment, knowing where and what you exactly want to do will be very helpful in organizing your next move. Is your home market-ready, meaning your home is clean, freshly painted and clear of any major damages? Sellers with a well developed plan spend time and money before and during the listing to keep their home in great condition for potential buyers. Without a plan, you have zero motivation to clean, organize, stage, paint or make the home market-ready and you would loose money on your home. Make sure you are fully ready to commit on your part before selling, we are here to help you and get you the most for your home.


There are a few other factors to consider, like the amount of time it could take, the amount of money you have and even the agents commission. But remember to just plan out your actions before you list your home and during your listing, it will put you ahead of the game and if any surprises come along then you will be ready. We are here to help you in your experience and make the best out of your biggest decision you will make, give us a call today for our guidance and assistance.