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Future of Real Estate Marketing

May 05, 2016 - 11:41


In today’s world, technology is taking a big part in our communication and reputation. And now, if you want to survive as a business or real estate agent you need to be able to adapt to these technologies and use them to your advantage. Even now anyone can market his or her property online. So with different technology where exactly is the future of real estate marketing heading towards? Here are a few thoughts on how some technologies could influence real estate marketing.



Google reports that more than 50% of their searches are now done through mobile phone. What does this mean to realtor? Now that phones are being used this means that users have access to information a lot faster and can make a decision on the agent or the home in less than a minute. Realtors that are up-to-date will be sure to create their website that it is always mobile friendly and they will also have their information, social media accounts and blogs updated because the better outlook then the more of a chance someone will give them a call for their services. The few who do not updated their websites as mobile friendly or even have online presence will have a harder time getting more people to view their page and hear about them. People will begin to be much more interested in the reputation of the real estate agent than what we’ve seen in previous years. That is completely normal and totally expected due to online searches. Agents will make sure that they build up their personal brand as a respectable real estate agent and have professional looking presence online, this will help with marketing their listed homes more rather than just depending on the MLS.



One of the medias that are starting to be used more frequently now is video tours. With video an agent is able to show a bigger picture to the potential buyer while they can watch it on their computer. Most of the time, videos are being used for homes that are at least 2,500 sq ft, because small homes don’t have as many selling points to be shown. But for those that are recorded, websites like YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook are great to reach thousands of people. And to make it even make it even better, now we are able to use drones. Video editors are able to capture aerial views of homes to get much more scope of the home as a whole and even the neighborhood. Since potential buyers are able to see the home much faster with video, it makes the process of selecting the top homes they are interested in quicker and thus making the buying process go faster.



Yes, virtual reality is coming. It is used a lot with medias like T.V and gaming and now it is being used for real estate. How exactly is it being used, well think of it this way, if you are showing homes to a potential client it could take you all day to go and show 3-7 houses. But now with virtual reality, agents can show up to 20 or more homes a day, while the buyer watches from the comfort of his or her own home. Now, this technology is mainly being used in high-end homes located in Los Angeles and New York but according to FORBES, it will be no surprise to see this technology being used for all price range homes in the next 5 years.  The beautiful thing is that VR allows agents to show homes from across the country or even across the world at a much faster pace and that saves a lot of time for the buyer and agent.