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Sell Your Home Faster

May 05, 2016 - 05:21


While selling a home may be difficult, especially in slow or declining market conditions, there are some tactics that can be used to speed up the process. Certain strategies can be used in the selling process to catch more attention from potential buyers and get more offers. So let’s dive into some tactics!

1: Staging Presentation- Prepping your home takes up some money but serious time, however, is a great strategy to get buyers feeling a certain way towards a home. To prep a home means to taking out large furniture, paintings, replacing carpet, and renovating some minor details. You can ask for help from a home stager to get advice in order to get the job done right the first time. While this strategy does take some money and time, it can be a great investment to sell your house quickly in any market condition.

2: Disclose everything upfront- While it may seem obvious to do, disclosing any problems, issues, benefits, or features upfront will make the entire process more efficient for both you and the buyer.  Sometimes sellers don’t address issues with the property, and when the buyers discover problems they were not told then they lose confidence in the property. This then leads to buyers opting out of the consideration to buy the home. By being honest with the potential buyers, maybe even showing a recent inspection report, the buyer builds up confidence in the property. When buyers have confidence in the property, this makes the agreement more transparent between both parties which can lead to a faster sale.

3: 3 main components in selling a home- The location, price, and condition of the home are the main three components that go into the selling process of a home. While the location of a home is a given and can’t be changed much, the price and the condition can be altered to make all the difference to sell the house more quickly. You can change some minor details within the home to enhance its appearance. Minor adjustments such as changing the carpet, painting the walls, redo the frames and trimmings, and other small investments can give the home a fresh new updated look for the buyers. This in turn will grab more attention to your house, compared to the other houses on the block. However, if you don’t want to invest in the home, you can simply reduce the price. Reducing the price causes a lot of attention from not only homebuyers but at times from investors, which can attract a large diverse crowd of people throwing offers for your home.

                  Selling your home may be stressful and worrisome, however, if the minor adjustments listed above are used when selling a home can make all the difference. Your goal when selling a home is simply grabbing attention from the right buyers, and with a lot of attention selling your home quickly will not be a problem!