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Tips for Realtor’s Safety

October 27, 2015 - 12:00


A realtor has to deal with clients and prospects. Being realtor is not as fun if you don’t have your personal safety. Many times the realtor is working alone when showing a property, doing an open house, and meeting a sub-contractor. Here are some guidelines that can help you:

  • Meet the client first time at your office so that you can get as much personal info from the client as possible. If you have a weird feeling about the client, you should get some help from a co-worker when showing house especially at night time.
  • When you feel you might be in danger, leave the property and call for help immediately.
  • Drive your own car to the property and park it where it’s not being blocked. I.E: It’s not a good idea to park on the parking lot at night. Also, contact someone in office if you show a house in the area that are not safety or you show a house at night time. Your office should have a system to keep record of what car you are driving and what time you enter to the unsafe areas so that they can help when needed.  It’s always good to tell clients that your office knows where you are and it’s looking professional in front of good clients as well.
  • Have your cellphone charged and close to you. It’s good to set up a speed dial or voice activation function.
  • Have a pepper spray in pocket and keep your key handy as a weapon when needed
  • Keep space with strangers and make sure you can see them
  • When you host an open house, keep record of people getting in the house with sign in sheet and get a helper if possible to stay in front to greet and record the car description. If asked, tell people that you want to make sure that in case they get a parking ticket and you want to document for the reason for parking there or for any safety reasons.

Remember that the more effort you need to make a decision, the more mistakes you will make. When you are on the job, assume that you know and act quickly.

At Tran Realty, we develop a safety system for our realtors to ensure that they have fun doing their work.