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Why You Need a Realtor When Selling a House

February 04, 2016 - 12:00

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Selling your home may seem stressful and nerve-racking, however, it does not have to be. Having a dependable realtor can help you understand the selling process by turning the tedious task of selling your home; into an efficient step by step guide that you can follow and understand. A good Realtor understands the market conditions depending specifically on your homes location and condition that it is in; and markets your home to specific buyers that want to live in your area.

Understanding the Market: Before marketing your home on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), a Realtor can find out the TRUE value of your home. They can compare your house with others houses in your area from the number of bedrooms, sq. feet, lot size, and even right down to the materials used in other homes to see if your home has MORE value than what you expected. Once they gather this information, then they are able to come up with a price that is respectable for you and the potential buyers. And depending on how fast you want to sell your home, a good realtor can help you list your home at different prices and give you a close estimate on how long it would most likely be on the market before it is bought.

Marketing Your Home: Marketing your home for potential buyers is one of the main objectives a Realtor has in mind through your data collection process. Once the data is collected and you and your realtor agree with a number to sell your home at, your Realtor’s job is then to put your house up for sale on the MLS so that other potential buyers that are looking in your area can spot your home for sale. Home owners that try to sell their home without a realtor, also called For Sale By Owner, have a very limited way of marketing their home which then makes the process much longer and stressful. Also, studies have shown that the typical house sold by the homeowner sells for $184,000 while the typical house sold by an agent sells for $230,000. Having the professional Realtor price your home, market to all the right buyers and at the end make a strong negotiation is crucial to getting the most people interested in purchasing your home for the price YOU desired.

In the end, having an experienced and professional Realtor on your side will surely make the process much faster and easier to get the most for your home.

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